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Non-standard Customized Milling Cutter Series

Solid carbide cutter to enhance the quality of the use of customer tools

We can provide customers with their required milling cutters in spite of milling planes, shoulders, grooves, gears or complicated 3D shapes needed by customers. High-cost-
performance solid carbide milling cutters keep the optimal feeding, meet the requirements of customers on coarse and fine milling, and help customers to keep high production
efficiency and competitive advantages. ECO series high-cost-performance milling cutters include many models and are suitable for common machining, aluminum alloy machining,
stainless steel machining, high-hardness machining and graphite machining. We produce according to GB standards, with the diameter of D1-D20. With exquisite manufacturing
process and strict quality standards, we are your good choice with extremely high cost performance in milling.

Changzhou Danmude Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Add:No.58, Weishanhu Road, Xixia Villas, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
Mobile:186 0525 3588

Non-standard Customized Milling Cutter Series

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