Non-standard Customized Drill Series
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Non-standard Customized Drill Series

Non-standard Customized Drill Series——Hole Machining Expert

Since the foundation, Danmude has enjoyed the good reputation of “Hole Machining Expert”. With strong centering force, the solid carbide drill can obtain stable dimensional
accuracy and good surface quality. Since 2011, we have launched series PF high-performance standard drill products according to market demands, and won the recognition of
customers from the industries of aerospace, equipment manufacturing, automobiles & railways, power & mines and so on in the fierce market competition. PF series high-
performance drill includes many models, and is suitable for efficiently machining structural steel, cast iron, difficult-to-machine materials, cast aluminum alloy and other main-
stream materials. Our tools are produced in reference to DIN6537 and DIN6539 standards, with the diameter of D3.3-D20, as well as an internally-cooled type and an externally-
cooled type. With exquisite manufacturing process and strict quality standards, we are your first choice of drilling.

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Non-standard Customized Drill Series

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